Project Summary

The ISMAELĀ“s - Intelligent Surveillance and Management functions for Airfield applications based on Low cost magnetic field detectors - objective is to determine whether recent advances in magnetic sensors could provide a better means of surface movement surveillance at airports.
Therefore the physical principles are used as a starting point to provide the best magneto resistant material for this task. This will be integrated into an advanced sensor head, that provides the analogue signal to be interpreted by the digital processing unit. The combination of these two parts will form the innovative detector, providing reliable information at low cost.

Moreover, particular attention will be paid to usability and accessibility of the detection technology and related services. System tests will be performed in a realistic application environment thus enabling real-life feedback and validation as well as immediate optimisation inputs. The respective test infrastructure will be a medium-sized Greek airport featuring conditions representative for most European airports. This overall approach shall help to pull the technology development with applications and services.

The complete development of the overall system will be prepared by a solid elaboration of the relevant user requirements on a technical, an economic and legal level. For the evaluation, ISMAEL performs a comprehensive assessment of the new system under the aspects of technical performance and impacts on other systems. It evaluates the socio-economic aspects of the system to give first indications on the impacts of the proposed technical solution and thus enabled or improved applications on potential users as well as on society in general.

The process of exploitation will deliver the basis for improvements of the detector systems and their further development towards marketable products. Thus, a strategy will be established towards economic success of the new technologies and the appropriate market penetration. The dissemination task will make the activities of the ISMAEL project transparent to both - experts and the general public.

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